How To Get More Video Views On Instagram 2020

Instagram is one of the popular and the most used social media app after 2013, and now it has more than 2.2 million peoples active in India only. Instagram has added a 15 seconds video posting feature to it but, we all know that images are the real king by which anyone can grow if you are new to Instagram and want to know how to get more views on Instagram than this post will help you a lot. The most thing that I have observed on Instagram is posting of riding anything. If that is the thing, you are also going to do then be on the post up till the end.

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1) Use 10+ #hashtags

If you use 10+ hashtags in your posts or images than on anyone hashtag, your post will rank surely but, use the popular and the latest or trending hashtags to your posts.

2) Tag your friends

This is the best and the easiest way to get more views on Instagram. So, tag your friends to get more pictures on Instagram.

You will think of How tagging will help us to get more views on Instagram. But, I tell you, my dear, that if you tag your friends in your posts, then your posts will also be shown to your friend’s friends so you will get more views and your audience will also increase.

3) Take good quality pictures

To get more views on Instagram, make sure to get HD pictures so that it will be apparent to other users and friendly to others.

I give you advice that firstly takes a good camera or a mobile and invest on it afterwords you can earn from Instagram.

4) Pick up a particular topic

This is the most important thing. I have notice don Instagram that the topic of peoples is cooking, and they are posting photos about photography. Is it good?

Of course not. It leaves a terrible impression on the audience, and they start to unfollow. So pick up a particular niche or topic and be on that. If your topic is about cooking, then post photos and videos of cooking only nothing else.

5) Take use of natural lights

If you are thinking that you will purchase a light set up and will get more views than you are wrong because people like to view natural beauty and doesn’t want to see the setup if you are sitting at home.

6) Be active with your followers

If you will be engaged with your followers and comments, like on their posts than this leaves a very excellent impression on them. They think that you care for them, and whenever they will get notification about your post, then they will surely see your post at that time only, and your views will thus increase.

Final Words

These were the few ways, but all are excellent ways by which you cannot become perfect, but somehow these will help you to reach your goals. As we all know, no one is perfect in the full world, but all can try only.