How to Increase Free Unlimited Instagram Likes – Without Login

Many People in the World use Instagram and also you. But every people are not famous on Instagram, and also every people don’t have more than 100 followers on Insta.

I am also using Instagram from 2017. But Before one year, I only have 100 followers, haha. Then I start some searching, and after one year and two months, I generate more than 5k followers originally.

I know you also want followers who watch your story, who likes your posts/video. So in today’s article, I share my trick on how I gain more than 5k followers in 2 months.

Before start, You need to follow all my steps; then, you can increase followers and gain likes on your posts. your main objective of this article is Increase Free Unlimited Instagram Likes

How to increase Instagram Likes

We share your method today. The first method takes some time; this is the best method ever. And Second is the shortcut method. You can increase likes and get followers 5k,10k only in a minute. We share both methods with you so let’s get started

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Increase Instagram Likes Organically

This is the original method and takes some time to gain likes on your account. This method helps you lifetimes even if you not active on Instagram. We share some tips with you with the help of this you increase your likes organically.

Using Hashtag

The hashtag is the best way to increase your posts reach. Many fan pages or personal blogger uses hashtag and gain millions of likes and active followers on their account. You only need to add some hashtags to your posts. You can get many hashtag list here—this trending hashtag, which helps you to gain more followers on your account.

Use Location

Many people, when they post their pic or video, they don’t add location. But smart people add and get advantages on this. Add location on our post also reach or promote your posts on that location. So many people at that location see your posts on the explore page. This is the best way to promote your posts free of costa and get free and real active likes, followers on your post.

Posts daily

Be active on Instagram if you daily active or posts stories and photos on Instagram. Instagram promotes you and helps you to gain more followers. Don’t make your account private if you have fewer followers. Private account reach is less than public account. Ask some questions in the story and post at least 6 stories a day.

Increase Instagram Likes Smart Way

This is the shortcut method, and you don’t need to followers all organic steps and also its work when you not active on Instagram. But it would be best if you kept your public. The private account does not use this method

Instagram Likes

Many websites help and provide some tools. With the help of this tool, you can increase likes and followers on your account with the only help of the link.
Notauto provides you many Instagram tools with the help of this you can increase your likes and followers and anything on Instagram. This is a simple tool and work without login. Visit the website and follow the simple step to Increase likes and followers on your account

SMM Panel

SMM Panel is the panel where you can purchase social media services. Free services only give you limited likes, but when you are buying SMM Panel service, you can get 3₹/1k & you order unlimited likes followers on your account. This SMM Panel offers many social media services likes Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and much more.


We share the two best methods with you. If you follow this step, no one stops you from becoming an influencer. These are simple methods, and no one’s share this method with you. Share this post with your friends to support the website.